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Friday, March 14, 2014

Daylight Time.

Floral print chiffon top c/o local boutique -  textured skirt shorts c/o Zara TRF - leather bracelet c/o Mango - PU leather backpack c/o similar here  - PU leather ankle boots c/o similar here

Crafting a Gothic look while featuring everything in black here. Daily quotes: always wearing comfortable to make you feeling good. I would like to only get t-shirt liked pieces, it's comfy and good to wear for everyday. This floral print chiffon top is definitely a gorgeous piece to match for skinny or midi flowy skirt - pairing it with a skirt pant c/o Zara TRF which I found in the store before the lunar new year starts.

Happy Saturday everyone, the clock is ticking while waiting to grab lunch with mom later. I need some caffeine right now to get a quick energy boost after finish writing this post lol. There was the outfit shots I took while back to my mom's home town and more travel photos will be show up in the coming post! Btw, feeling extremely exciting to plan for my vacation by next month - going to make a what-to-do list  before the trip (need another new pair of sunglass indeed).  Thinking of bringing sketch book in my trip while the camera is not only the thing that I love to keep unforgettable memories.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

White Night.

 Faux leather baseball cap c/o similar here Oversized alphabet t-shirt c/o F.O.S - Chiffon pleated skirt c/o Bangkok  - Leather backpack c/o Sunway Pyramid boutique - 
PU leather ankle boots c/o similar here

There are some pictures which we took right after I got my hair colour done. Dying back hair colour to copper red and did a little trim for the roots - currently having the shortest hair length among these years, feeling fresh and it's easier to make a ponytail with this length too!  Dress down for a bit here while I feel like wearing a tee and a black pleated skirt. This is simple and quick for me to look into the wardrobe for few minutes before off to the town. Also taking a close shot for my current favourite's leather backpack, nothing is boring even though I bringing it out like everyday. 

Been really work hard to plan for my next trip lol - doing research for the travels, local foods and something interesting. This is sucks when you have nothing in mind how this far far away country is, I have a thousand words to write yet all this things make me feel awfully strange. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Handmade zipper jacket  - Textured Tshirt c/o vintage store - Baggy pant c/o Slim Boutique - 
Leather strap heels c/o Agape Boutique

Every pieces that I put on here make me feel unexpectedly comfortable. A piece of textured t-shirt in white pairing with my all time favourite's baggy pant could be the best combination ever. I rarely wearing jacket recently under this 30 plus degrees Celsius, only thinking of wearing them while go for a movie date. Feeling bad that didn't take any close shot for this zipper jacket, love how it had been completed perfectly with the big zipper to create a minimalist look here.

p/s- I miss my forever long hair. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Heading to the beach by spending the last day of this awesome year 2013. We got a room with private pool so a little celebration was held by the poolside - been drinking and laughing non-stop while waiting for the fireworks. Feeling grateful for staying together with the loves one to welcome a new year and received a wishing text from my dad. Once again, happy new year everyone!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


  source - pinterest, tumblr

The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole is playing while I plan to do a quick post before finish reading my novel book. Posting couple of pictures which I wanna share with you all about this joyful day. I've been walked a lot last night in town and having fun with the crowd before the clock strikes to 12. Then we got some drinks at the kiosk and watching funny people dancing in front of there - such a lovely night yet I barely waking up and die a little this morning. Last pic, it wasn't my cat and I really miss mine.

Merry Christmas, everyone. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How do I do.

 Long sleeve t-shirt c/o F.O.S - paisley print skirt pant c/o mom's closet - stylenanda inspired leather sandal heels c/o Taobao - silver lion head necklace c/o Bugis Junction store 

Escaping the freezing weather and cozy up in this basic long sleeve shirt. Am still a big fan digging into my mom's closet - fond of mixing my basic wear with the vintage pieces. There's another favourite's print which showed up on this skirt-like shorts, this paisley print perfectly blending with silver and black.

I had my brunch alone today while waiting him to finish job. A lazy evening while I walk around in the book store - got myself nothing but did picked up some Christmas presents for the mates. I want to get a new sketch book and some drawing tools while I really need more inspiration to get over this. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


 Embroidery white dress c/o Cotton On - Leather backpack c/o local boutique - New Balance 420 Men's casual shoes c/o New Balance - Pastel stripes socks c/o Daiso

Even my dress also need some anti-wrinkle fluid lol. This is how my spent my paid-leave day off with my bf - putting on some seriously comfortable piece and a pair of casual walk then having more than 6 hours in karaoke room. I don't wear so much dress but if I really do there's must be a date to have with my bf - boys always love dress. I'm totally giving up when spotted this cotton dress in the store, the embroidery details is perfect while a blush of royal blue on a plain white piece. Thinking of wearing the sneakers here is really good choice while we have to walk a lot before lunch.